What We Do


Parenting the Love and Logic Way(TM).

Session 1. Putting an End to Arguing, Back Talk and Begging

Session 2. Teaching Responsibility Without Losing Their Love

Session 3. Setting Limit Without Waging War

Session 4. Avoiding Power Struggles

Session 5. Guiding Kids to Own and Solve Their Problems

Session 6. Teaching Kids to Complete Chores without Reminders and Without Pay


Painless (well almost) Parenting Made Simple 

Painless Parenting 1 is 2hr. $150 is foundational and then pick and chose $125 ea 

Painless Parenting 1: Getting Your Tweens and Teens to Open Up

Painless Parenting 2: Getting Your Kids to Listen (without yelling)

Painless Parenting 3: Getting Your Kids to Come to You with Their Problems (before its too late)

Painless Parenting 4: Helping Your Kids to Solve Problems

Painless Parenting 5: Giving Feedback/Acknowledging an effort

Painless Parenting 6: Coaching Your Child to Succeed

Painless Parenting 7: Creating a Calmer Family, Explaining the Rules

Painless Parenting 8: Why Routine is important and How to Create It


Creating a Magnificent Family Life


  • Exploring Creating A Magnificent Family Life-free 45 min session
  • Nine topics based coaching sessions

Two Energy Leadership indexes with reports with debriefs 60 min each debrief         normally $150 each but included in the package

S.P.I.R.E. Model for happiness one 60 minute coaching session

Identifying Family Values one 60 minute coaching session

Creating your ideal family one 60 minute coaching session

Raising a Strong Happy Confident Child Today-4 two hour sessions

  • Three additional coaching sessions on any topic
  • 50% discount on 4 future sessions a savings of $200

Total cost $1200. 00 a savings of $1000.00 if bought separately



Raising a Resilient and Happy  Child Today 4 two hours sessions $800.00 with reduced group pricing

Positive Parenting in development so check back


Our Approaches

We coach:

  • One one one
  • Couples
  • Children of appropriate age
  • Families 
  • Parent groups



  • Talk to us about Individual and 360-degree ELI Assessments of Family Perceptions and Energy
  • Free Self Assessments – click on the red blocks below to download

These simple self-assessment tools can be used to start meaningful conversations within your family. You are free to make copies and compare answers. They are self-scored from one to ten, one being completely unsatisfied and ten being the completely satisfied