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Learn effective ways on how you can understand your partner’s thoughts and emotions better with help from The Family Coaches. Below are some resources that will help you develop stronger and healthier relationships with your loved ones.

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The Problem with Time-outs:

Helping your kids understand the value of money

For 5 great reasons to read to our child before bedtime:

 More research on the rise of depression and suicides among our young.

Teen suicides and depression are on the rise. Here is what you and schools can and are doing about it.

Inspirational Women:

Why you should play video games with your children. Click the link to find out why:

Want your child to read more? Parents are loving Literati.  Find out why at this safe link:

Concerned about your child’s screen time?  You will find this article helpful.

Science Says the Most Successful Kids Have Parents Who Do These 9 Things. -click the link to find out what they are


50 % of parents of kids who have committed suicide had no idea, Could you be one of them?  Check this article out.

For some wonderful hacks go to

To require adult approval for the things your child wants to buy in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and Xbox One devices – except what they get with gift cards or money in their Microsoft account – go to and sign in with your Microsoft account. Then:

  • Find your child’s name and select Content restrictions.
  • Switch Needs adult approval to buy things to On.
  • Approve or deny their requests through email or on

 For ways to help your child succeed

Want to be happier? Check this out.

Your teens are just as sick of their phones as you are, and if they ever lift their eyes from their devices, they’d tell you themselves.

Help keep your kids safe on Android and other devices from Microsoft. Copy and paste this link to download Microsoft Launcher.

The Number 1 Thing a parent can do to set their child up for Career Success: Follow this link to find out.

For directions from Microsoft on how to set time limits or buy games for your child on Xbox One and Windows 10 devices, click on or copy this address and paste into browser: 

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