About The Family Coaches

My Passion and Purpose: To support parents through coaching and education, in raising happy and responsible children.

My Beliefs

* Parenting is the hardest and most important role we will ever have.
* Children who feel loved, respected and valued, grow up to be healthy, successful adults.
* Parents are people too and have a right to their feelings.
* Every parent wants to feel loved, respected and valued.
* Every parent wants to do their best

  • Every parent can choose to be a better parent.
  • There is no situation that with my help cannot be made better.
  • No one has all the answers.

For coaching that is:
* Compassionate
* Caring
* Non-judgmental
* Supportive and Respectful


The Family Coaches was founded by Leonard Paauwe to help parents create a satisfying, joyful, and vibrant family life, however, you define family, and to raise happy and responsible children. Coach Len was an abused child that thru hard work and fearless introspection became a happy and successful adult and a father of 2 wonderful and successful children. 

“Indeed it is my awareness of how critical parenting is to a child’s wellbeing and success in life that I became a coach specializing in coaching parents in raising happy and responsible kids.”   Excerpt from an interview with Coach Len

Coach Len is a Certified Life and Family Relationships Coach and an Independent facilitator of Parenting the Love and Logic Way (TM). He earned a Master of Science in Adult Education from Michigan State University in 1985 and has over 20 years’ experience in coaching, training and mentoring adults in their personal development.